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Where we are in our project

The project started with the writing of the How would that make you feel? five-part book series. The books were written to explore four of the key issues that divide the people of our world – gender, race, class and religion. The last book in the series was written to highlight the role of the middle class as the brokers of change.


On completion of the series, the author decided not to publish her books in the traditional manner. She decided to use them, instead, to engage ordinary people in thinking about change and their role in bringing about the change of mindset that is needed to transform our world.

After talking to her friends, who come from different parts of the world, they created Mi Casita. They agreed that women – as mothers, the primary carers of their children and, therefore, the gatekeepers of the mindset that keeps the divisions alive – had an important role to play alongside men to bring about the change.

The Feel the Change project was created as a reference point for the new movement for change. The Read and Transform campaign was subsequently designed to generate the necessary funds for investing in the solutions.

Kosmo People was then set up. Its focus is on creating the products and services for an alternative world to what is on offer.

Mi Casita will donate 50% of the investment fund to Kosmo People. Kosmo People, in turn, will receive 100% of all revenues generated from its fund. Members of Kosmo People have a vote to influence the decisions and priorities of the community.


Presenting our model for change.


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