Preface 2016

Nearly eight years ago, I started on an odyssey for change with the writing of this book series. Although I was as inspired as others were at the time, by the events of that year, I knew that change would not be that easy to achieve.

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Facing Up 1

In Prologue: Facing Up 1, the author explains why she became inspired on the day of Barack Obama’s nomination as leader of the Democratic Party to start writing again.

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There Ain’t no ‘Black’ or ‘White’

In Chapter Eight: There Ain’t no ‘Black’ or ‘White’, the author embarks on a quest to understand where definitions of ‘inferior’ and ‘superior’ come from through the lens of history and culture.

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Waspish Classism

In Chapter Six: Waspish Classism, the author analyses the impact of class labelling through the narrative of an American ‘Redneck’. She explores the complex Anglo-Saxon construct and the notion of natural inequality on which it is based.

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Sufferance & Anger

In Chapter Six: Sufferance and Anger, the author lays bare the struggle of her journey to know herself. She continues the story of her transformation after leaving the BBC and her Buddhist community for a life of uncertainty and purpose.

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Tribute to Middle England

In Chapter One: Tribute to Middle England, the author reviews the emergence of Middle England during the Victorian era. She examines the values and aspirations that were promoted to men and women at home and abroad, the landmark contributions of Middle England to the modern world and its impact on her life.

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